Semco Salehi

Exhibited Artist

Semco Salehi (b.1983, Tehran, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. His practice centers on film and phototaxis to explore the multi-faceted aspects of the human condition. He is particularly interested in the ever-changing narratives of identity politics as well as social and cultural evolutions. Salehi’s practice spans site-specific video installations, photography, and printmaking. In 2010, he exhibited a video installation entitled “Di-Gi Zoorkhoone” in his first solo exhibition in Tehran. His short film, Clonazepam, made its international debut at the short film section of the Cannes International Film Festival, and was subsequently screened in Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece, Tampere Film Festival, Finland, and in Italy, Belgium, Canada, and England. Salehi considers his practice as a bridge between humans, and a medium that unites, records, and displays fragments of thoughts, feelings, and memories like a journal. In his recent works, he has been considering the notions of migration, displacement, and culture and how they affect the ego. Salehi has a BA in Theater from the Faculty of Art and Architecture from the Azad University of Tehran and a Diploma from Tehran Film School.