Press Conference on the Latest Project of Azadeh Akhlaghi
Dec. 23, 2015

The second press conference for Azadeh Akhlaghi’s second project was held in Mohsen Gallery with the presence of Mahmoud Kelari, photographer, Iraj Raminfar, set and custome designer, Ali Abedini, makeup designer, Laleh Mostowfi, director assistant and casting director, Peyman Ja’fari, production manager and Ehsan Rasoulof, producer. Omid Rowhani, cinema and television actor who hosted the conference, briefly reported Azadeh Akhlaqhi’s previous project: “her last project, ‘By an Eyewitness’, tells the story of 17 deaths that has happened in historic obscurity. But her latest project is different and still in phase of research, location hunt, makeup design, set design, casting, etc. Exactly like a film project.” Azadeh Akhlaqhi, director of the project, explained her work: “In this project, encompassing the events between the Constitutional Revolution and the Islamic Revolution, we have not considered tragic deaths anymore, but a series of specific events. This project is more narrative-oriented than person-oriented and in fact a reconstruction of contemporary history.”