History of Creation

August 31  —  September 12, 2018

The creation story is similar in many languages. The narrative is comprised of two parts, almost corresponding to the same chapters of the book of Genesis. On the first chapter, “Elohim” [one of the many names or titles for God in the Hebrew Bible] creates the heavens and the earth [i.e. the universe] in six days. He then rests on the seventh day and calls it holy. God creates by speaking the words “Let there be!” suggesting comparison to a king that speaks whatever he wills and they are done. God names the universal elements during the creation process.

Outside the realm of theology, being on the pinnacle of such a great power is so tempting that any artist can think of generating thoughts about it, imagining himself at the moment when it all started; although, dealing with stories of this sort is always somewhat abstract. Presently, the world that can be the kingdom of the artist has two doors: the door above works as the window of heaven, and the door below as an entrance to earth, both of which are half-blocked doors and the volume in the middle (the dark matter) is the necessary essence for creation.