TADAGrant 2017 Open Call

April 21  -  May 18, 2017

This digital installation presented to announce TADAGrant 2017 open call. It is based on alteration and transformation of computer data and information.

The information that computer receives from the movements and behavior of the viewer through various sensors, turns into the desired content to supplement the installation through different creative coding processes.

What is distinctive about the installation is its use of scientific parameters as preliminary data. Moreover, as long as the installation is there, the form of the gathered information changes through different media. The information may change into sounds; they may take the form of images; they may even interfere with the order of the constructed content. Thus, the significance of the viewers’ presence as a catalyst becomes visible in the installation.

The encounter of the audience with their own movements and behaviors, reflected in the unpredictable technology-based images and sounds, makes it a unique experience.



Tadagrant is our funding program for digital arts, which engages artists from Iran and all around the world, providing an opportunity for them to develop their ideas and promote artists with unique programs. This opportunity also engages people to participate in digital arts.

Launched and funded by Mohsen Gallery, Tadagrant takes place every year in conjunction with the TADAEX and is granted to the best development and presentation of a cross-disciplinary and interactive art project.

Tadagrant hopes to support young talents and to spawn a desirable atmosphere for the growth and development of digital art in Iran.

As the supportive prize of the festival, Tadagrant has technically and financially endorsed three notable entries in the field of new media. Tadagrant2017 will support the production and presentation of the selected new media artwork up to $5000.


TADAEX2017 will be held from December 1st to December 5th in Tehran with some alterations.
Due to the large number of video entries, a new section of video-art and animation will be held besides the installation, multimedia, and workshop sections; thus, the artists can accordingly send their works in this year’s open call.
Aimed at highlighting significant works and the artists who made them, awards and apprizing outstanding works in the field of installation and video is one of the additions to this version of the festival.


TADAGrant 2017 Open call:
21 April 2017

TADAEX 2017 General Open call:
22 June 2017




With the aim of paving a new way to multidisciplinary and digital arts “Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition” began its activity in 2011. During the course of six years, TADAEX has endeavored to present artworks from international artists and to create an interactive platform in which production and presentation of the works of Iranian artists can be developed and enhanced. The focus of the festival has been on the requirements and capabilities of the region, so that it might expand its professional and specialized horizon.

In this annual event, interactive digital installations, educational workshops, and specialized lectures are held and a variety of multimedia performances are given, which also makes it possible for the festivals, communities, and relevant international institutions to make connections in a professional and open atmosphere, in which artists can experiment and exchange their ideas.