When stung by a bee, lie down and scream
Amir Khojasteh

May 27  -  June 8, 2016

“When stung by a bee, lie down and scream.”*


This series complements the previous one. This time, the portrait has turned into a place where it all happens. All of the portraits are connected by a unifying thread: violence. This is not for no reason though, for it is only relevant to our lives (either social or geographical). It has become normal for me personally, and I have accepted it as something which is always there, and perhaps the best way to endure it is to play with it. Here, the apparent similarity between the portraits is secondary. In fact, the context these portraits bring about is of more significance. This context varies according to the knowledge the audience have of the characters. But the overall approach here is not to portrait, but to challenge the medium of painting itself, which has become the main concern. Ultimately, I challenge the medium of painting and its fundamental traits in my own way, and I carry out this challenge according to the subject, setting it in the framework of a narrative.


*) Lie down and scream! Most people lose their verbal and physical coordination when they get stung! It is far better, they believe, that you lie down and shout at once, for if you run, you defiantly will get hurt.