The Heritage of the Moor
Salé Sharifi

July 22  -  August 3, 2016

“The Heritage of the Moor” was created in deference to those who gave their lives for their country and beliefs.
All works are in deference to those who followed the path of patriotism and humanitarianism courageously and accomplished their mission.
Courage is madness, do not calculate and embrace it all
Like men of virtue and like lions, rise above the vile
Diwan-e-Shams- Tabrizi, Rumi

Originally, this series began with numerous names and, consequently, ended with remembrance of countless people who were so determined to achieve their aspirations.
With this regard, contemporary socio-political happenings in Iran had, undoubtedly, the major influence on me.
Flowers are memento of aforementioned happenings, the bloodshed following those happenings and the honor of mankind.

Saleh Sharifi/ 2016