Still Lifelike
Sourena Zamani

January 8  -  January 20, 2016

Due to the intellectualism in the era after the Renaissance, particular attention was paid to the subject of “still life”. Perhaps the reason is the quiet and stillness prevailing in that era in order to propel humanity to think. A moment of stillness is captured in the artist’s frame, inviting the viewer to think, to grasp earthly life in terms of humanity, and to break free from all myths and legends.
The prenatal period of each one of my works begins with an installation of my models, but they spend their childhood and adolescence stage on the canvas. The installation’s nature is alien to the subject, namely “still life”. It seems thoroughly paradoxical, and is like an orderly moment in the erratic pattern of an explosion. Compositions and placement of the objects suggest chaos and confusion: dynamic and stimulating in form, static in appearance, whose emergence can be traced back in footsteps from the childhood games our generation used to play inside apartments. This paradox makes my personalization as the author, introducing a static style with a dynamic insulation.
Installation, however, is not the end of my journey. It is rather a pretext for enquiring into and experimentation with forms, colors, colored-forms and energy of colors; where things are happening or about to happen; where visual relations, not stories and incidents, make my nature; where truth reveals itself from behind reality; where chaos and tumult inside the static frame pacify me.