Mehdi Abdolkarimi

January 4  -  January 9, 2013

I believe that the world depicted in images has always been frail and fragile due to its reliance upon the power of thought. It is as if through taking photographs, we devastate and smash the entire world except what is taken as an image. This fragility leads to the creation of a course of interpretations in the constructive concepts of the visual world which sometimes contains only a few semiological hints of the former subject.
Under such circumstances, it is as if we are looking at scenes that derive their truth from our vision and not from their own essence of existence.
Such a phenomenon results in the creation of images that are, simultaneously, realistic and surrealistic such as shadows that emerge for a moment, and then vanish and later on they are reborn.
This collection consists of photographs taken between 2010 and 2012
Mehdi Abdolkarimi December 2012