The Forbidden Tree

February 7  -  February 19, 2014

“Question: Why did He command to place Adam’s throne close to the Forbidden Tree?
Answer: By wittiness, because Adam enjoyed all blessings in the Heaven and nothing but the Forbidden Tree pleased him most. So Adam asked the Gracious God to give him the tree, to belong to him only. So God said, let it be for you.”
Man has always been present in all my works in some way. It is for some time, however, that his physical presence has become less impressive in some of my works as though this type of human presence has been replaced with his existential influence. Sometimes I think the world has become meaningful by his creation or the fall of Adam (because of the Forbidden Tree) and everything has been redefined, even an unknown insect in the depths of the faraway forests out of human imagination. Sometimes his role in his absence is more outstanding than the one with his presence. He is influential in his absence like his presence. Perhaps it is because of his artifacts, i.e. the objects. Those objects have been made to be with him, to help him, but in his absence the way they want to picture his presence, lead us astray. Sometimes objects pave the ground for us to help us create the people of our stories on it, to violate the absence, and to make a truth – however away from reality. It is true that the objects in my story belong to the things that lead us astray, because our people have eaten of the Forbidden Tree before their creation in this story.
M.Mahoor Zahraee