Nazanin Etminan

July 22  -  August 3, 2016

“Aesthetically, attempting to embellish the world has no considerable advantage over a contrary effort to remove its veil.” —Jorge Luis Borges

Here, the humans neither fall down, nor are they tossed: aimlessly, they are whirling in a place that is insecure and full of tension. The point of these works is not annihilation, but irresolution and suspension. Instead of dealing with a sense of security, the series narrate a compact and annoying story, which encompasses all the lived experiences of the contemporary man and its manifestations, with all the credibility and significance we ascribe to them. Humans that seem to be the same, are stripped naked; possessed and bewildered, they await a vague and uncertain future. It is as if they are riveted in a place of incomplete torment, where they seem to be stuck and satisfied with it. In a harsh urban, industrial nature of their own making, they revolve around an incongruous axis.