Arya Tabandehpoor 2016

Arya Tabandehpoor
March 4  —  March 16, 2016
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Whenever my friends have a car accident, I spontaneously go to their photos and try to create their pictures similar to Nan Goldin’s works after coming out of the hospital. In this stage, I use a computer software. I cut the resulting images and stick them to the glasses of the car.

In my daily commute, I used to see trees that were cut down to be replaced by houses and roads. I shot them and attached them to glass crystals. Later on, with the help of my friends, I designed a box that would spin in the presence of a viewer, changing the way the photos would be seen.

Having taken photos of roadkill, I wondered how I might present them.
With an explicit presentation, which meant encountering accident, blood and death, the viewer would be shocked.
Two years passed. One day, in a cell phone repair shop, I met a person who had brought in his burnt-in-fire iPhone 4 to be fixed. His hope for recovering his phone caught my attention. I thought, “Does anyone have a similar hope after running the animals over?”
From that day on, I started collecting broken iPhone 4s and put my roadkill-photos into them.

Arya Tabandehpoor
February 2016