You Play My Game
Mahmoudreza Zandpoor Motlagh

December 25  -  January 6, 2016

You Play My Game
I have always thought about the media whether audio or visual but not the way others hear or see them. The media cannot be trusted because they broadcast trivial happenings instead of important ones.
You play my game is kind of a dictate which I believe the contemporary human being is tackling and the media have an important role in it. The media have turned into a tool to provoke human. Once nature was the source of creation of the norms and now the media are this source and we can observe acceptance of such norms.
A man taking a selfie and standing next to a lion, a lion sitting next to a baton with no owner, a sniper having a secret plan in mind in a fantastical nature; these collage-like relationship can be seen in all pieces. These works have taken shape in the mind receptive to scores of picture published in the virtual and real world. I chose an amateur and childish way to defamiliarize realities and mock them.
I do not intend to show what we have already seen but show what a painter sees in his/her painting. To me the difference between photography and painting was like the movie and the cartoon. I have shown this difference in my paintings freely regardless of technical issues through use of various forms and colors.
Mahmoudreza Zandpour
December 2015