Sphere – 01
Curated by
Mehdi Abdolkarimi

March 6  -  March 18, 2015

“Sphere” is the name of a project that in its first exhibition has been planned and performed by Iranian and Austrian artists . The first and foremost fundamental issue that has an important role to play in forming this exhibition is nature . Nature encompasses a wide range of concepts including plants, animals, humans and environment and generally, the part of world that is not manmade . Human, in the course of history, has been forced to interact with its nature in a sort of way; this interaction has led to the creation of another concept which we call “culture” by integrating with different layers of human activities; Something that stems from nothing but human’s mind and considers its environment as a ground for production . It seems as if the culture is like an essence that has been formed in the nature and attempts to tame it . By studying this subject in the contemporary term, as if, a combination has been created that is difficult to distinct and it has been turned into a new form that always symbolizes the integration of both concepts . What this group attempts to show is the discourse between CULTURE and NATURE .
Mehdi Abdolkarimi