Persian meal

August 21  -  September 2, 2015

As with renaissance painters such as da vinci, Michelangelo and Rafael, other painters believed painting and genius have reached their highest zenith of perfection and nothing could be done but mannerism; another belief also emerged that formalistic painting (image for image sake) in the first half of twentieth century has experienced all methods on two-dimension surface of canvas and can’t bear any new form and thus, modernistic purism – in which artist expressed his/her view as subject – was replaced by mannerism. In author’s belief, by its consumability, contemporary mannerism has led to formation of Rococo. Rococo represents consumption style in art history and it is mentioned as image vulgarity, they are works of painting history which embroider plates (as superficial and practical symbol of consumption). Works with lovers’ themes which have been created by prominent Rococo painters such as François Boucher, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Jean-Antoine Watteau arouse nostalgic feelings even for us as Iranians, reminding us of images on plates and dishes which we had seen mostly in our childhood.
Now, it’s no wonder that contemporary mannerism – representative of modern consumption art – embroiders interior surface of plates.
Pejman SafarNejad
Spring 2014