Mohsen Shahmardi 2015

May 8  -  May 20, 2015

Contemporary Landscapes of Tehran. “Landscape”, as dictionaries suggest, refers to all the visible features of a vast area of land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal. Usually in contemporary landscapes and with the growth in urban planning, the landscapes of vast areas of land or outskirts of the mountains have been diminished to urban areas. Therefore, it is usually impossible to observe vast landscapes in the neighborhoods of Tehran, unless you have an overlook from high rise natural features or buildings and from a far distance. In some big cities there are remains of the initial vast areas, usually in the form of leveled or unleveled parcel of land, dirt land or lawn, or a park in city center and not in the suburbs only. Stepping inside these vast areas gives man a feeling of stepping in a virgin natural piece of land outside the city limits. This is because of the natural attractions probably mixed with human interferences of city type and usually in the areas with high traffic of walking people in these cities. To experience the landscapes of my city I looked after the vacant parcels of land with vast and open view but could only find a few examples in small sizes and in the form of public places. Some parcels of these vast lands I found around the highways, non-public places (governmental and non-governmental), under-construction pieces of land or those in the suburbs. This collection of analog photography includes old and expired negatives (all developed last year).
Mohsen Shahmardi, May 2015