M.Mahoor Zahraee 2015

January 9  -  January 21, 2015

Cities needed machines and machines needed cities
They made machines in the cities, staged revolutions and began much ballyhoo on this. The identity of cars is manifested in its production not in its body! A machine failing to manufacture can be anything other than a machine. It can be a statue or a piece of stone. Zahraee’s machines – cars – are covered, at night and under custom covers, as they are motionless and unproductive. It seems they have taken distance from their previous roles and started to think. They do not want to stage a revolution. These machines are far from their youthful freshness, apparently they have become rational. And the dogs straying in the suburbs, search for food sniffing. Dogs become sensible in the nature. They remind us of simplicity of life. Man, however, needs city and peace of mind. He yearns for nature in the city. He wants to walk around the city and see things. By displaying dog near the machine the artist wants to import simplicity to the city. This juxtaposition reminds us somehow of techno pastoral art, the art that wanted to mix the rustic pastoral culture with city culture in a bid to bring peace of mind to the city and citizens.
Saeid Forootan, Jan 2015