December 4  -  December 16, 2015

You take ten steps, and you step out of time.
You take ten steps, and you step out of the moon’s and the sun’s kingdom.
It takes only ten, only ten steps:
No commotion, no sound and no surprises.
You take ten steps, and there remains no past.
You take ten, a hundred or a thousand steps, it makes no difference, and wherever you happen to go.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

No, no, wherever I happen to go,
You are still in my heart, you will never leave it; Can one ever forget a part of oneself? My very existence stems from you; my soul passes through all over your winds, in between your rain drops, under your moonlight, deep in your forests and your rivers.
And I imagine myself in my motherland, resting in your thoughts and your arms, reminiscing about your mysterious stories of old.