Death, Reproduction
Omid Mehdizadeh

October 30  -  November 11, 2015

Order is one of the main principals of nature: it keeps the living alive and holds the inanimate together. In fact, what we call “the order of nature” is the result of an event that gives all the living creatures the right to live, and to the inanimate, the permission to go on existing. With the progression of technologies and the senseless urban developments, the inhabitants of big cities, influenced by the turbulent atmosphere of urban spaces and biological, social and psychological incentives, display new tendencies. One of these tendencies is the reproduction of death, which usually occurs gradually and conceitedly.
We burghers, who want to call ourselves “civilized”, have demanded so much from the nature that we have upset its balance, and also that of humanity. We take plants from the heart of nature and bring them into our homes to cheer us up. We make war refugees to do the most difficult works for us—for the maximum labor and the minimum wage. They are obsolete, priceless objects that fall victim to our gradual reproduction of death.
Omid Mehdizadeh,
Tehran, November, 2015