V [!] R o l l u r g y #Fake news and fake science

Like many artists of my generation, I am interested in how the web, social media and emerging technologies have undermined and transformed more or less everything. Things as they were before. What’s real or unreal. The traditional value and hierarchy of images. Our relations with objects and images, and how we use them. Our relations with the world and other people. Art and the role of the artist. I am more than interested: inevitably immersed.

Through our screens we have access to an immeasurable mass of images with no present hierarchy. Images found at random on the web and taken as ready-mades can have a bigger impact than what was traditionally called art. This implies a change of stance for artists. I believe that the artist today is necessarily and fundamentally a geek. Maybe a kind of “super-geek”. His or her role is no longer to create and comment, still less to offer ideal visions from a pinnacle. It is to embody a new science. The science of the virtual. Sift, analyse, edit, juxtapose and present without comment.