Driven by greed, man rebelled in the Garden of Eden, making a sinful connection with nature from the very dawn of creation. He was banished with a heavy load of loneliness and bewilderment, starting a quest on the vast expanse of nature to find the meaning of his life. An eye on the sky and an eye on the tree. In this expanse, he started to hunt and be hunted. He built shelters on the lap of Mother Nature. He matured and grew wise, but an ancient dread coupled with praise, has entangled his phony authority and existence. Fear of nature and praising nature, which are the reasons for his fall onto this planet: the source of his torment, adoration and his joy. Every bit of his existence is bound to every bit of nature, so much so that man is no longer a being inside nature, but rather a man/nature. Much like every other living being who is born from nature and who dies inside it. He fights nature, namely his own mother and the source of his rebellion. But sorrow, doubt, and loneliness send shivers down his spine, turning into a cry, and finally, he gives in to this unsettling fall, hoping to find his long lost sanctity. Waiting for redemption, however, his hands turn into a tree.

Nahid Behboodian