On the Bed of the Dead tree

“The rain was making a scene. The wind was clawing, tearing violently at the earth. Ancient trees were going at each other. The bellowing of a woman in torment was coming out of the woods. The roaring of the wind had unleashed the songs of silence. The threads of rain was sewing the black skies to the muddy ground. Streams had turned into raging torrents and water was flowing from all sides.” —The Man from Gilan (Gileh Mard) by Bozorg Alavi


Hearing the news of the murder of a young woman, whose body was found in a swamp, ruined the beautiful aspect of nature for me. The man who only finds his happiness in the exploitation of another, and in order to desecrate her, he takes refuge in a nature that may have been a muse of a painter who wants to reanimate  beautiful aspect of nature, which might as well be the most horrible death place of some poor soul. It is like the bellowing of a woman in torment is coming out of the woods.

Milad Jahangiri