Iman Ebrahimpour

The idea of making these works were conceived while I was reading about cosmology, particularly the theory of parallel universes. The theory was initially formulated by Hugh Everett III as “many-worlds interpretation,” which was the result of measuring the spin-state* of an electron. According to one of its models, our world is one of the infinite number of other universes, all of which have been created at once. Thinking about the future of evaluating a work of art, for instance that the Mona Lisa created in an infinite number of un-multipliable units by an infinite number of Leonardo Da Vincis, led me to create artworks that can be classified under two groups: first, those that were created at the same time with discrepancies in details, and second, the works that were created in a certain moment with the same visual qualities. Perhaps now it is fitting to raise the question: Can we consider similar images created simultaneously, as equivalents to the aforementioned concepts?


*) In quantum mechanics, “spin” is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles.