Nahid Behboodian

Exhibited Artist

Nahid Behboodian

Born in 1983, Tehran, Iran
B.A in Graphics, The Faculty of Art, Al-Zahra University

Solo Exhibition

2013 “The Dream of a Sunny Day”, Raf Art Gallery, Tehran
Group Exhibitions and Contributions
2015 “Don’t Look Directly”, Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran
2015 “Merci Poesi”, the 10th Gothenburg International Poetry Festival, National Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 “Dream Catcher”, an interactive/collaborative project funded by Prince Clause Foundation in Amsterdam, instigated and created by Bita Fayyazi.
2014 “Iran:”, a book published by Fabrica (Communication Research Centre for the Benetton Group), Italy. The artwork was part of Luciano Benetton’s private collection.
2013 “Life, These Days”, Ahwaz Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahwaz
2013 “Summer For All”, Raf Art Gallery, Tehran
2012 “Without Explanation”, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran
2011 “Of Bullets and Blossoms”, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran
2011 “Octopus”, Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran